For me life is many bright moments. I travel around the world and find inspiration in cultures, peoples and nature. I live because of art, I breathe the beauty that surrounds me. Painting is a process, and a process is what makes you feel alive.

The visual language I use is the language of human and nature, as for me it represents life itself and trust in Being. In my style and technic I love mixing organic lines with expressive strokes. I don’t mind leaving my work open to interpretation. After all, everything flows, so the meaning of yesterday can change today.

I study emotions and character of different kinds of cultures, their mode of life  lifestyle. I am in constant observation of people, their faces, expressions and gestures from a visual standpoint. I learn a lot about anatomic features of the body and people's faces from different countries. However, this necessary stage of learning should never replace what my heart brings into workflow . As a consequence, my creative process appears as a fusion of the conscious and subconscious mind. My new painting is always a mystery to me, because I love to experiment with different styles and techniques and I never know what's going to appear on my canvas.