"Popular Instagram bot site Instagress has been shut down

Instagress, one of the easier-to-use and more affordable of the dozens of websites that create bots to help would be Instagram influencers rack up followers and engagement, was shuttered today. In a tweet, Instagress said the decision to shut down was due to a “request” by Instagram.

On the Instagress homepage, users are greeted with the message “we are all very sad but it looks like there is nothing we can do at the moment” and are prompted to submit requests for refunds." THE VERGE

It's sad for me. I am an artist and for me such services as instragress are big support. I can not afford to constantly pay for advertising in Google. But I have enough traffic, which can be attracted to my instagram account using the likes and follows. 

I want to tell you which service I use. This service has a lot of functions, they promise to add new features within the next two weeks, as I was told in support. The support is very nice and kind and answered all my questions.


Service InstaDao has three main functions:

Instagram Promotion and Posting.

This item includes the promotion of your instagram account through automatic all routine tasks: likes, following, comments and unfollowing. For target audiences you can use hashtags, competitors accounts, geo locations and your lists. Also here you can use schedule posting so that your target audience sees your post at the best time.

Instagram Direct Messaging.

All direct functionality is available in one package. Send and reply directly to your target audience. Instadao will automatically send an unlimited number of Direct Messages from the web to your followers using filters or a list.

Comment Tracker.

Now all your communications with friends and clients in the comments are available in one place. This function will save a lot of your time and make communication in the comments easy and enjoyable.

No limits

You can promote and control any amount of Instagram accounts - all in one place

Works Offline

There's no need to download or install anything. Instagram Followers Bot works in cloud even when you turn off your computer. Just setup and go. This function helps me a lot. I often travel and can not always keep the computer running.

And soon They promise to run more functions:

Direct Talking

You can easily answer to your clients or followers, just from System. It's super cool I'm looking forward to!

Schedule Videos

We provide an ability to schedule an unlimited number of videos ahead of time. Just select a video, set when to publish and forget.



I also wish you to find your best alternative!

Good Day with Siena Summers.

With Love from Bali.